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EarnUp’s award-winning Enterprise Platform enhances your borrower’s financial wellness while uncovering opportunities to streamline post-closing communication, eliminate early payment default, and recapture more business. 

Solutions to support a modern infrastructure. Never before available
post close borrower insight

EarnUp provides unique borrower insights that support proactive risk mitigation, borrower performance, and improve portfolio performance.

For Lenders, EarnUp enables borrower-level data & analytics once limited to Servicers. 

Boost Your Bottom Line
& Skyrocket Success

Increase Retention & Revenue

Prioritize borrowers for proactive and targeted outreach to save on costly recapture churn and create a repeatable strategy for borrower retention.

Identify Opportunities

Detailed borrower dashboards reveal DTI ratios, performing vs. delinquent loans, asset-to-debt trends, & more, signaling when your borrower may be ready to refinance, purchase, or pay-off a loan.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Decrease the workload for your in-house customer support by reducing friction and improving accuracy in the post-close borrower payment process.

Help Your Borrowers Achieve
Their Financial Goals

unbeatable value add

Improve borrower loyalty by making personalized recommendations based on real-time updates about your borrowers financial health.

Avoid delinquency or default

Early intervention and custom alerts make it easy to spot the red flags in your borrower's financial picture.

XLerate: Digital Payments Platform

Lenders utilizing EarnUp XLerate can cut their interim servicing costs by up to 70 percent* by automating post-close borrower payments, streamlining loan transfers, and delivering seamless communication.

No Stress Payment Management

Collecting interim loan payments can cost over $120 per loan.* Say goodbye to checks and costly manual payment reconciliation.

Enable Smooth Loan

Avoid Early Payment Defaults with payment routing from lender to servicer during the loan transfer process.

Simplify Reconciliation After MSR Transfer

Expedite payment reconciliation and settlement between lenders and servicers, eliminating costly and time-consuming processes

Enhance Borrower Communication

Reduce borrower confusion by keeping your borrower up to date with automated emails and communication that complement RESPA communications.

Scam Risks Rise Amid Student Loan Repayment

All CUs should communicate and help members navigate potential scams to safeguard their financial well-being. As student loan repayment resumes after more than a three-year pause, borrowers face not only the challenge

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*Statistics are derived from our current customer data and processes and are not a guarantee of results.