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Student loans allow more individuals to realize their educational, occupational, and financial potential. But high student debt payments after graduation can reduce financial flexibility and discourage many from taking full advantage of their credentials.

There’s no substitute for sound financial management regarding student debt. Fortunately, financial services providers have created various solutions to help graduates manage debt more productively.

This list of the 10 best student debt solutions provides creative strategies to reduce educational costs, manage finances, increase income, and pay debt.


EarnUp named #1 Student Debt Solution for Faster Payoffs


Hundreds of lenders, servicers, employers, and credit unions use EarnUp to offer budgeting, debt management, and automated debt payoff solutions to more than 3 million workers and consumers.

The app helps student loan holders locate their loans and create custom payoff plans that align with their budgets and goals.

Why We Love EarnUp

EarnUp’s automated debt payoff solutions help users keep their priorities straight when managing money, syncing repayment with paydays, and fast-tracking payoffs to keep interest payments low.

We love that EarnUp does the heavy lifting to help users pay their loans.

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