For Financial Professionals

Financial Advisors

Address the broader financial wellness of clients with actionable tools to cement a reputation as a trusted advisor.

Improve client outcomes and loyalty.

Beyond advice: Automated solutions

Our financial wellness platform offers a valuable addition to a Financial Advisors toolkit, providing benefits including client retention, increased revenue, improved client outcomes, and enhanced market positioning.

Your clients can automate the following

Loan Debt Repayment Automation

Put mortgage, auto, student, and personal loan payments on autopilot.

Budget Friendly Payment Scheduling

Split large, single payment into 2, 3, 4, or 5 automated debits.

Loan Payoff Accelaration

Paydown loans faster and savel money in interest fees.

Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

Recapture money wasted on unwanted or unused monthly subscriptions.



In a competitive market, financial planners who offer financial wellness can differentiate themselves, attracting more clients and referrals.

Holistic Services

Offering financial wellness demonstrates a commitment to holistic financial well-being, setting financial planners apart from competitors and providing additional services beyond traditional financial planning.

Client Retention

Financial wellness programs can improve client satisfaction and loyalty, reducing the likelihood of clients seeking services elsewhere.

Improve Client Outcomes

By helping clients improve their overall financial health, financial planners can contribute to better financial outcomes, which reflects positively on their practice.

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