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If you’ve tried and failed to enroll borrowers into digital payments, high value EarnUp offers more than simply bill pay.

We automate borrower payments for 4 of the Top 10 Servicers and maintain a 99.7%+ debit success rate.

Accept Debit Cards for Mortgage Payments

Accommodate more payment options through SMS, email, your borrower portal, or call center with EarnUp’s no code, white label solution.

This solution can reduce the costs associated with non-digital payments by up to 50%, reduce call center volume by ~20% and offers multiple use cases:

  • Automated SMS based on specific triggers
  • Campaigns to increase digital payments
  • Proactive loss mitigation communication

Our straightforward, integration process allows you to offer this service seamlessly under your own brand for enhanced borrower engagement and retention.

Xperience: Digital Payments Platform

Servicers utilizing EarnUp Xperience boost customer satisfaction scores (NPS), reduce payments by check, and have instant insight into a missed payment.

No Stress Payment Management

Collecting interim loan payments can cost over $120 per loan.* Say goodbye to checks and costly manual payment reconciliation.

Automate Loan

No matter where the loan goes, you’ll always get paid with payment routing from lender to servicer during the loan transfer process.

Simplify Reconciliation After MSR Transfer

Expedite payment reconciliation and settlement between lenders and servicers, eliminating costly and time-consuming processes

Enhance Borrower Communication

Reduce borrower confusion by keeping your borrower up to date with automated emails and communication that complement RESPA communications.

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