Empower your workforce to eliminate debt

The only solution that automates flexible debt payoff and savings,  eliminates financial duress, and improves overall health and wellness.

Debt Payoff Automation Tools: Transcends Basic Education

Your employee’s debt is likely at an all time high, and, the impact on your business could be massive. 

Lunch & Learn programs are not the answer.

Plug in a turnkey benefit that has an almost immediate impact.

A Modern platform that holistically addresses financial wellness

Loan Debt Repayment Automation & Acceleration

Put mortgage, auto, student, and personal loan payments on autopilot
Paydown loans faster and save money in interest fees*

Budget Friendly Payment Scheduling

Split large, single payment into 2, 3, 4, or 5 automated debits

Credit Card Payoff

Live, 1:1 payoff planning sessions to build an automated credit card pay off plan

Negotiate Lower Bills &
Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Concierge service identifies opportunities to save on utility bills
Recapture money wasted on unwanted or unused monthly subscriptions

Automate Savings: Two Ways

Round up debit or credit card transactions to the nearest whole dollar
Schedule savings deposits on your schedule Money can be directed toward debt paydown, or emergency savings, financial goals

Smart Financial Chat

This financial mastermind's knowledge knows no bounds
Users get 1:1 tailored answers to their most pressing financial questions

Tangible, Immediate Benefits

Recapture Lost Productivity

Financially stressed employees are often less productive due to distractions and absenteeism.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

There is a direct correlation between financial stress and health issues. By addressing financial well-being, employers can potentially reduce healthcare costs and improve the overall health of their workforce.

Enrollment is Always Open

Employees can embark on a tailored financial fitness plan at any time.

Competitve Benefits Package

Financial wellness programs add value to an organization's benefits package, making it more attractive to current and potential employees.

Increase Job Satisfaction

Employees appreciate employers who care about their financial well-being. Financial wellness programs can boost job satisfaction and morale.

Suitable for All Employees

Your employees are suffering in silence. 8 out of 10 people live paycheck to paycheck. This is not age or tenure specific.

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*Interest and loan term reduction are calculated based on the requirement of additional deductions and payments made towards the loan principal over the life of the loan. The loan must be paid to completion with no defaults or payment errors on the account in order to realize the savings. Savings may vary based on your unique EarnUp Program.