Financial Institutions

Credit Union Solutions

Modernize and differentiate your offerings to boost your appeal to a younger demographic. 

Emphasize your commitment to your members’ financial well-being.

Turnkey Digital Transformation: Little or no IT Required

Offer a comprehensive suite of debt elimination and financial wellness solutions to attract and retain a diverse range of members, and effectively compete with neobanks in the digital age.

Loan Debt Repayment Automation

Put mortgage, auto, student, and personal loan payments on autopilot

Budget Friendly Payment Scheduling

Split large, single payment into 2, 3, 4, or 5 automated debits

Credit Card Payoff

Live, 1:1 payoff planning sessions with a debt specialist to build an automated credit card pay off plan

Negotiate Lower Bills &
Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Concierge service identifies opportunities to save on utility bills
Recapture money wasted on unwanted or unused monthly subscriptions.

Round Up Savings

Rounding up everyday transactions to the nearest whole dollar or a predefined amount
Money can be directed toward debt paydown, or financial goals

Loan Payoff Acceleration

Paydown loans faster and savel money in interest fees*

Benefits to your members

Improve Credit

On time payments help build FICO scores and help members prepare for larger purchase, like mortgages

Achieve Financial Goals

Members can concentrate on the future rather than feeling the pressure of overwhelming debt

Reduce Payment Shock

Smaller incremental debits ease the shock that comes from making one large loan payment

Ready to discuss financial wellness for your members?


*Interest and loan term reduction are calculated based on the requirement of additional deductions and payments made towards the loan principal over the life of the loan. The loan must be paid to completion with no defaults or payment errors on the account in order to realize the savings. Savings may vary based on your unique EarnUp Program.