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>3 million people have used our award-winning platform
to automatically pay down debt & save for life events.

We Automate Financial Stability.

To purchase a home, repay debt, and be prepared for life events, people need financial stability. For many, that’s easier said than done. 

When your business offers EarnUp, consumers become homebuyer ready, increase savings, and are more healthy & productive at work. 

You can start by offering a self assessment quiz.  Try it for yourself. It’s confidential and takes just 2 minutes.

Markets we support.

With EarnUp, Lenders, Credit Unions & Employers provide dynamic, modern solutions that automate savings and debt paydown activities.

Lenders & Servicers

A high value Engagement Platform 

Help people become homebuyer ready, create predictable revenue streams, improve retention, and reduce risk with meaningful engagement.


An Employee Benefit with quantifiable ROI

Drive down medical costs, improve productivity, and reduce absenteeism by helping employees reduce or eliminate financial stress.

Credit Unions

A turnkey infrastructure levels the playing field

Establish a dynamic, modern Fintech platform to broaden demographic appeal and boost membership.

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We empower people to reach their financial goals.

Homeownership remains the American dream, and arguably one of the most reliable ways to build wealth.

Elevated home prices and higher interest rates present challenges to buying a home. To get consumers homebuyer ready, lenders & credit unions implement EarnUp’s Engagement Platform.

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Together, we can tackle financial duress.

As a double bottom line company, we prioritize both financial returns and social impact in our business operations and decision-making.  Proud to be backed by:

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