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We Automate
Financial Stability

Financial Stability automation represents the next big leap in personalized, proactive, and accessible financial wellness.

With our modern technology people confidently automate their financial wellness programs across every stage of life.  

EarnUp democratizes financial wellness.

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Offer Capabilities that DIY Budgeting Apps Can't Deliver

Offer these solutions individually or as a total solution under your brand or via strategic partnership. 

Automate Payments Generative Education
Cancel Subscriptions Round Up Savings Automation Lower Bills 

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Automate Payments

Our feature-rich platform was built to strategically pay down debt and digitally engage borrowers. 

Payee Agnostic

Automated Debits

Flexible Scheduling

Use On All Loans

Credit Card Debt Paydown

Risk & Retention Data

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Automate Savings

Consumers opt in to automate savings. 

Money can be directed toward a down payment on a home, emergency savings, or other financial goals.

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On Demand, Dynamic Generative Education

Offer a tailored experience that transcends traditional charts and graphs and “how to” advice.

An app that provides contextual insights, personalized guidance, and promotes financial literacy.

Democratizes Guidance

Generative tool makes credible and reliable financial guidance accessible to everyone

Personal Financial Advisor

Assess users financial goals through interaction and the collection of relevant information

Strategic Debt Management

Guides users to the relevant actionable applications

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Lower Monthly Bills &
Cancel Subscriptions

Free up monthly cash flow by reducing monthly bills, and canceling unwanted or unused subscriptions.

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