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Data-driven decisioning drives mortgage profitability

A financially healthy borrower is a more valuable customer.

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GetAhead of the curve

We know you’re facing unprecedented challenges in supporting your customer while maintaining a healthy balance sheet.

The GetAhead Dashboard efficiently automates prioritization and critical business processes for servicers, lenders and investors to automate manual workflows, reduce risk, and improve productivity.



Solve for portfolio churn due to refinance payoffs

GetAhead Dashboard can generate customized reports that identify borrowers with the financial metrics that indicate a likelihood to refinance.

  • Create a repeatable strategy to proactively engage and facilitate borrower retention
  • Save on costly recapture churn
  • Increase borrower loyalty to your brand with customized offers
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Performance Monitoring

Gain visibility into a borrower’s likelihood to default

Receive real-time alerts that provide an early warning of potential missed payments or significant changes in income or assets.

  • Improve risk modeling based on near-real-time data
  • Generate a more accurate portfolio valuation
  • Simplify timely reporting to investors
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Operational Prioritization

Reduce friction in leveraging your valuable resources.

Thin margins and high operational expense require the streamlining of automated processes to effectively prioritize for efficiency.

  • Engage with the right borrower at the right time
  • Realize the financial benefits of timely communication
  • Streamline staff efficiency with high-priority risk flagging
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Dynamic Valuation

Remove the barriers to accurate portfolio valuation

A lack of borrower financial data inhibits ability to accurately value a portfolio.

  • Leverage portfolio trends with updated income, assets, and employment information
  • Reporting on actual data is superior to forecasting on modeled data
  • Unlock portfolio decisioning with more accurate mark-to-market valuation

Client Satisfaction

Client servicing operations face time consuming challenges in providing custom borrower level reporting to investor clients

With GetAhead Dashboard, subservicers are able to provide automated, customized reports to investor clients reducing the ongoing operational burden in curating reports manually.

  • Fast integration
  • Facilitates speed of reporting communication, improving investor relationships
  • Better data and just-in-time communications can reduce churn in valued investor relationships
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