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GetAhead Dashboard

Minimize servicing costs, expand revenue channels, increase retention

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How it's done today

Today, this effort requires a very manual lift with too many barriers to intervening on behalf of your borrower-customer thoughtfully. Workout solutions and reporting back to the investors are tedious, if not near-impossible processes lacking data-driven, digital engagement tools.

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Bridge the gaps in how it’s done today with timely outreach

Data-driven insights, delivered through EarnUp’s GetAhead Dashboard, can signal ahead of potential issues, inform on when to engage with a borrower on potential workout opportunities, and flag when a portfolio is at risk.

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Minimize servicing costs

  • Reduce labor costs through better prioritization of borrower outreach, digitized data collection & communications
  • Digital payments may reduce costs associated with paper payment solutions
  • Reducing delinquency saves money

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Expand revenue channels

  • Access to borrower portfolio detail provides robust insights for investor reporting
  • Increased scalability and efficiency of servicing operations (ratio of loans: personnel)
  • Automated payments platform can mitigate the risk of costly missed payments and save a borrower from the fees associated with late payments

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Retention, cross-sell

  • Increase recapture and cross-sale opportunities with regular borrower-level data
  • Mitigate customer delinquencies
  • Forecast potential risk and identify prevention strategies

Customer financial dashboard

Self-service portal

  • Visibility into debits and payments status
  • Proactive, data-driven communications
  • Advanced real-time customer support (most common q’s, loss mitigation, etc.)

Customer savings dashboard

Benefits to your customer

  • Increased visibility and manageability of debts
  • Borrower control provided with a self-service portal
  • Flexible scheduling to make it easier for customers to control their cash flow and make payments on-time

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