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Advanced Data Insights for Originators

Retain valuable borrowers with prioritized outreach strategies to maximize recapture, revenue, and pull-through.
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Recapture - Timing is Everything

Stay ahead of recapture opportunities with a comprehensive view into borrower asset-level data to easily identify those approaching thresholds that signal a potential refinance or new home purchase.

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The Data We Have. The Data You Need.

  • Trended borrower income
  • Savings / assets
  • Employment data
  • Current credit reports and scores
  • DTI
  • Current Interest Rate
  • Current Unpaid Balance
  • FICO score
  • LTV (Loan-to-Value)
  • Recent soft/hard credit pulls—indicating that borrowers are shopping for refi or new home purchase

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Increase Pull-Through

Tracking borrower-level income and asset data can facilitate an estimated ROI of 20% increase in pull through, retaining unpaid balance revenue and increasing origination revenue.

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Originate High Value and Low Risk Loans

Efficiently identify pre-qualified loan product candidates. Retaining your borrower base and associated revenue at low CAC increases your portfolio value to attract more investors while building brand loyalty.

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Preserve Your Revenue Streams with Proactive outreach

  • More efficient discovery of at-risk-of-refinance borrowers will energize proactive messaging efforts via automated communications. This just-in-time outreach strategy can reduce the risk of losing refinance customers to a competitor.
  • Servicers can preserve the ~28 BPS of unpaid balance revenue stream by retaining the at-risk-for-refinance customer at a lower CAC, while building customer loyalty and producing origination revenue.

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Efficiently Triage Loan Officer Resources

  • The GetAhead Dashboard fills the data gap to efficiently identify high potential refinance and new home purchase candidates.
  • With access to the full digital financial data picture of your borrowers, loan officers can significantly reduce the time it takes to identify refi and new home purchase candidates—optimizing a traditionally time consuming and burdensome process.

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