It’s your money, make the most of it

You can get in control and get ahead

EarnUp is an award-winning consumer-first financial technology platform that intelligently automates loan payment scheduling and provides savings options to prepare for homeownership.

Pay loans on your schedule

A typical loan payment schedule deducts an entire monthly payment from one paycheck, leaving you broke until the next payday — and stuck in a cycle of living PAYDAY TO PAYDAY®.

EarnUp fixes that. Over the course of a month, we automate reserving equal portions of loan payments and make sure the bill is paid in full when it is due!

We’re here to simplify personal finances

Keep more of what you earn. EarnUp brings it all together like magic, with flexible automatic withdrawals and payment plans that can help you save¹ by getting out of debt faster.

EarnUp has a “positive impact on my ability to manage my finances”²
EarnUp has “improved my overall financial health”²


No more missed payments. Know how much you have to spend and reduce the stress around money. EarnUp automates setting aside the right amount each payday, so you’re not in the dark about your budget.

“Just two years ago we were living paycheck to paycheck just trying to pay the minimum balance. EarnUp is a life saver.”

Chris F, Utah

Less work to make your money work

Things change, we get it. That’s why it’s simple to switch up your payment schedule. You can make adjustments to all your payments from EarnUp’s easy, mobile-friendly dashboard.

“I really like the set deduction that you know about, and that it’s coming out every two weeks. It’s more digestible and doesn’t feel like a big hit.”

Cathleen W, Washington D.C

See how EarnUp makes managing bills easier

Pay your bills, effortlessly

Financial progress takes time. That’s why we show you how you’re doing, what you’re saving, and when you could be debt-free. It’s easier to stay on track when the rewards are right in front of you.

“I love that with EarnUp, especially with my student loan, I’m really seeing that extra little payment make a difference in my balance. It’s going down a lot more quickly.”

Jenna S, Indiana

We’re in your corner

We’re here as your financial advocate. We’ll help you customize a flexible payment schedule, and monitor your accounts to avoid unwanted fees because of late payments. We’re always available to lend a helping hand.

“I felt like I was never going to be able to crawl out of this debt. I’m very happy – EarnUp is helping me save money and get my bills paid off sooner.”

Joshua B, Florida

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¹ Savings and term reduction are net of fees and are calculated based on the expectation of additional payments made towards the loan principal over the full life of the loan. The loan must be paid to completion in order to realize the savings. Savings may vary based on your unique EarnUp Program.

² Based on a randomized surveying of current EarnUp customers by a third-party vendor contracted by the company.