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MoveIn Solutions

Nurturing untapped markets interested in homeownership

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We're committed to cultivating today's prospective borrower and your future customer.

The design of EarnUp’s MoveIn Solutions platform is rooted in behavioral finance research and serves as a single source of transparency into an individual's financial standing.

The platform features real-time data and a clear view of the steps needed for a prospective borrower to meet the mortgage requirements to secure a loan. Providing a financial savings incentive nurtures healthy savings behavior to create a financially-healthy loan origination prospect.

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Trust Building

Grow the relationship with your customers through a private label or co-branded MoveIn Solutions experience. Our buyer-centric automated savings platform provides originators the opportunity to nurture leads with a focus on loan readiness indicators.

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Brand Loyalty

Encourage healthy savings behavior and brand loyalty. Deep insights assist in post-forbearance workouts, and enhance customer relationships.

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Next-Level Insights

With real-time visibility into a potential borrower’s financial health, through the MoveIn Solutions platform, you’re able to offer incentives to prospective customers once they are mortgage-ready.

Consumer Benefits

  • Improve financial health
  • Gain a deeper understanding of mortgage requirements and personal financials
  • Potential down payment savings incentive

Lender Benefits

  • Real-time customer insights into your future borrowers
  • Maximize loan originations by nurturing customers over time
  • Private label experience

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  • Automated savings and bank-level security at enrollment empower potential borrowers to save for a down payment easily.
  • Visibility into a credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and other metrics creates a predictable path toward mortgage readiness.
  • In select markets, potential borrowers may have access to lender incentive programs that match savings or discount closing costs.


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