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Discover how nearly 3 million people have accelerated debt payoff timelines, saved thousands on interest, and improved their overall financial wellness with EarnUp. 

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Special Discount for Prosper Wise Participants 

We will waive the $10 Monthly Fee for your first six months  

Thereafter, we’ll discount our Program Fee by 50%; you pay just $5.00 per month* 

Don't Let Your Credit Card Debt Hold You Back!

Take control of your high-interest credit card balances with automatic debits that align to your paydays or any other schedule that works for you! Learn how you can save on interest and pay your debt off faster. 

Your Lifestyle. Your Schedule. Your Success.

Say goodbye to missed payments and hello to easy management of your mortgage, student loans, auto loans, and more! EarnUp makes it easy to take control of your budget by splitting your monthly loan payments into smaller, more manageable payments that line up with your payday, so you can pay off your loans faster, save on interest, and achieve your financial goals.

Pay When You Get Paid

Flexible Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly debit options align with your pay schedule and lifestyle, and simplify your budget management!

Achieve Your Goals with Ease

Automate your monthly payments with a “set it & forget it” tool that helps you stay current on loan payments and avoid hefty penalty fees.

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Student Loan Payments Start up Soon

Give High Credit Card Balances the Boot!

Save Thousands in Interest

Save up on total interest and pay off your loans faster when you stick with EarnUp throughout the life of your mortgage.**

Please gather the following for enrollment:

  • Bank Information: account & routing numbers for debits
  • Loan Information: most recent statement to confirm loan and loan payment details

* EarnUP will waive your monthly $10.00 Program fees for the  first  6 months following the first debit. Limited  one-time offer for Prosper Wise Participants only. This offer has no cash value and is subject to change or cancellation.

**Interest and loan term reduction are net of EarnUp’s Program fees and are calculated based on the requirement of additional deductions and payments made towards the loan principal over the life of the loan. The loan must be paid to completion with no defaults or payment errors on the account in order to realize the savings. Savings may vary based on your unique EarnUp Program.

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