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Helpful information to educate participants on the EarnUp financial wellness platform.

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Special Discount for Prosper Wise Participants 

We will waive the $10 Monthly Fee for your first six months  

Thereafter, we’ll discount our Program Fee by 50%; you pay just $5.00 per month* 

Help Participants Pay Down Credit Card Debt

See how participants can control of high-interest credit card balances with automatic debits that align to their paydays or any other schedule that works for them! Learn how you can help them save on interest and pay debt off faster. 

Help Your Participants Achieve Their Financial Goals

With Earn Up, your participants can easily accelerate their loan pay-off timeline, save on interest costs, and gain more control over their finances. Learn more about EarnUp.  


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* EarnUP will waive your monthly $10.00 Program fees for the  first  6 months following the first debit. Limited  one-time offer for Prosper Wise Participants only. This offer has no cash value and is subject to change or cancellation.

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