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EarnUp’s award-winning financial technology provides enterprise clients with just-in-time data that identifies borrowers who will benefit from interventions or new services.

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Supporting the financial health of your customers is why we do what we do. We bridge the information gap between the mortgage industry and borrowers to help mitigate risk, reduce operational costs, improve loan performance, and increase retention and recapture.

The Win-Win Solution

Spot potential risks, reduce costs, build loyalty and prevent losses by helping customers avoid defaults.

  • Cost reductions
  • Risk mitigation
  • New revenue sources

Reduce Costs

  • Increase rate of successful payments through improved borrower awareness of loan status and requirements.
  • Reduce call center & mailing costs with digitized borrower communications.
  • Data-driven, consumer-oriented approach that provides user value, drives down servicer costs and increases investor returns.
  • Providing flexible solutions to customers can reduce costs and ease operational lift.

Risk Mitigation

  • More accurately value MSR portfolios and forecast advances with deeper, forward looking, and more up to date raw & trending data.
  • Deep insights assist in post-forbearance workouts, enhancing customer relationships, and building brand loyalty.
  • Reduce risk through enhanced servicing and early risk indicators.
  • Value-track portfolios more precisely with trailing and leading trends on income, assets, and loan performance.
  • Reduce delinquency risk with automated payments.
  • Robust data and communications capabilities to enable engagement with the right borrowers at the right time.

Increase Revenue

  • Increase loan volume through greater operating efficiency.
  • Custom borrower financial reporting for MSR holders.
  • Improve loan performance through data-driven decisions.
  • Recapture customers at risk of refinancing to lower rate offers.
  • Offer the right workout solutions at the right time.
  • Improve loan performance with automated payments.
EarnUp has “improved my overall financial health”¹
The average financial services NPS is 33, ours is 75.¹
EarnUp has had a “positive impact on my ability to manage finances”¹

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