The Autonomous AI Chatbot Solution for Customer Engagement

AI Advisor automates end-to-end consumer financial wellness, from expert advice to seamless execution. 

AI Advisor

Unlock revenue potential and delight customers with AI Advisor

AI Advisor responds to your customer’s complex questions with hyper-personalized advice and useful resources incorporating real-time banking, debt, credit information, and financial goals.

Powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence, our context-aware conversation agent integrates seamlessly into your existing platform. 

What sets AI Advisor apart is the ability to understand and interpret the context of a query, and respond with an actionable solution, including product offers such as HELOCs, cards, and consolidation loans. 

AI-powered financial genius

24/7 access to top-notch advice

Democratizes access to financial wellness tools with always-on, discreet, and confident money & debt management guidance. 

Beyond basic, scripted Q&A

Customer for life engagement.

Analyzes a user’s current financial accounts, forms contextual responses to complex questions, and recommends appropriate products and solutions.

Guided financial planning

Enables smart, long-term goal attainment.  

Delivers smart, actionable resources and recommends tools beyond what a budget-tracking app can provide.  

Intent-Based Engagement

Automate the cross-sell of products being researched, or based on user need

Millennial & Gen Z Appeal

Appeals to a more broad demographic and satisfies expectation on access to service

Call Center Efficiency

Reduce burden on customer service agents but maintain a consistent experience to customers

Improve Satisfaction Scores

Extends offerings to include professional services, and democratizes access to financial expertise

Account Primacy

Brand of choice for deposit accounts and creates a level of stickiness that lessens attrition

Nurture Pipeline

High engagement levels coupled with valuable information keeps your brand top of mind

Power beyond a static Q&A chatbot.

Our next-gen conversational AI solution solves real-world enables frictionless access to information, tools, and products across any device.

  • White label, customizable UI
  • Pre-trained, out-of-the-box Large Language Models, Natural Language Processing, and Natural Language Understanding 
  • Conversational information gathering, to gain context of each conversation 
  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for accurate, contextual, and up-to-date conversational answers 

While simple chatbots struggle with complex inquiries, our AI-powered conversation agent is well-equipped to handle nuanced financial questions and provide more meaningful interactions and contextual answers.

Create an enduring bond with customers.

AI Advisor fosters lifelong connections through highly contextual conversations. It adapts to each user’s unique financial circumstances, goals, and behaviors, to deliver personalized advice that keeps them coming back for more. 

By helping customers set and achieve their financial goals, AI Advisor becomes an indispensable partner in their journey, naturally establishing long-term loyalty.

This dynamic tool transforms routine financial management into a compelling, interactive experience. It encourages frequent interactions, enhances engagement, and solidifies customer relationships with your institution over time. Through its unique approach, AI Advisor doesn’t just provide advice – it actively builds a sticky, enduring bond between your brand and your customers.

Enabling home ownership.

AI Advisor helps both future and previously denied borrowers automate their path to homeownership with tailored advice and custom action plans to ensure guideline qualification. This includes smart debt paydown and automated savings plants to:

  • Get DTI ratios in order
  • Improve credit scores
  • Ensure enough money for downpayment and closing costs

Endless specific scenarios.

Strategic Debt Guidance

  • AI Advisor walks users through pay-off methods like debt snowball or debt avalanche, then directs them to a resource to put the chosen strategy on autopilot.

Financial Health Monitoring

  • AI Advisor analyzes customer expenses continuously and suggests areas for improvement to help them optimize their financial health.

Budget Development, Management, & Tracking

  • AI Advisor creates personalized budgets, helps manage them daily, and tracks progress towards financial goals.

Expense Analysis

  • AI Advisor categorizes and analyzes spending patterns, identifying areas for potential savings and improved financial habits.

Financial Guidance

  • AI Advisor provides tailored advice on various financial and money management topics, from budgeting to buying a home, based on the user’s unique financial situation.

Improve Financial Literacy

  • Offers resources to relevant financial education to enhance users’ understanding of key financial concepts and strategies.

Our commitment to building responsible AI

Building AI that does the right thing means crafting systems that behave ethically, openly, and with clear responsibility. Aligning with human values gives AI its moral North Star, preventing deviations from the straight and narrow path. When building AI, fairness is the foundation. 

Systems must be blind to bias and loaded with empathy to promote ethical use. 

Clear and concise decisions are also a must, with the logic behind them crystal clear. Furthermore, AI needs to be adaptable, overcoming diverse challenges with ease. Lastly, there’s accountability – organizations must answer to their actions.

At the core of responsible AI is the understanding that trust is built on fair treatment, strict adherence to regulations, and proactive risk management. It’s hard to overstate the impact of responsible AI on decision-making – when organizations get it right, they can count on more informed choices and a sizable uptick in user trust and safety. 

At EarnUp, we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk by establishing clear principles, laying out guidance, setting up governance, and using the right tools to keep everything running smoothly.

Responsible AI lays the groundwork for a more promising tomorrow, where tech integration and daily living peacefully coexist.

Technical Q&A

Handling Complex Queries

Integration with Financial Data

Our AI-powered chatbot can access and analyze customers' financial data, including account balances, transaction history, and debt information, which allows for a more personalized and contextual response.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our AI Advisor uses NLP to better understand complex queries, detect sentiment, and identify user intent. This enables the ability to comprehend context and nuances in customer questions, leading to more accurate responses.

Personalization Engine

AI Advisor leverages customer data and machine learning algorithms to offer tailored recommendations and financial advice, aligning with users' financial goals and preferences.

Machine Learning (ML)

Our AI Advisor uses ML algorithms to learn from past interactions and improve over time.

This continuous learning process enhances the ability to handle complex queries and offer relevant suggestions.

Key Features

Omnichannel Integration

AI Advisor works across multiple channels (e.g., websites, mobile apps, messaging platforms) and maintains consistent access to backend systems.

Analytics & Reporting

Integration with data analytics platforms enables AI Advisor to gather insights from conversations, helping financial institutions understand customer needs in real-time.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Manage users from a central directory, and present users with a seamless experience.

Deployment Options

Deployment options are flexible, and include iFrame and widget.

Enterprise Readiness


AI Advisor can handle a large number of users, data, and processes across your organization


AI Advisor can integrate with your enterprise systems and workflow.


We incorporate robust security features to protect sensitive corporate data and meet compliance requirements.

Deployment Model

Data Ownership

Your Data Stays Yours and is Not Shared: Your data won’t be used to train other AI models. We ensure transparency, data isolation, and audit logs.

Flexible Hosting

Flexible hosting models: You can host the data and the models in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform in a private account accessible to only your organization.

PII Protection

All user PII information is encrypted and available only with the access key.

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The Financial Stability Automation Platform is not a substitute for financial advice from a professional who is aware of facts and circumstances for a specific situation, and EarnUp Inc. is not providing any financial advice through the Financial Stability Automation Platform.  The Financial Stability Automation platform should not be used to make any credit, lending, or other financial decisions.

AI Advisor is not a substitute for financial advice from a professional who is aware of facts and circumstances for a specific situation, and EarnUp Inc. is not providing any financial advice through AI Advisor.  AI Advisor should not be used to make any credit, lending, or other financial decisions.